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Tesla Model Y 2021
Tesla Model Y 2022
This would be the perfect vehicle for you! Enjoy your trip with friends, family, or spouse in this luxurious Tesla .
Tesla Model Y dual motor Long range.
That car contains the following. Panoramic roof, All wheel drive, touchscreen control and panel. Keyless entry, Leather seats,  Luxury Black Interior, Bluetooth, USB port, backup camera, cruise control, Super-cold A/C, Google maps precise navigation and more..
If you charge overnight at home, you can wake up to a full battery every morning. And when you’re on the road, it’s easy to plug in along the way—at any public station or with the Tesla charging network. We currently have over 30,000 Superchargers with six new locations opening every week.

*** SunPass *** -  installed.
SUNPASS (tag) toll fees will be posted in your account after the trip is finished.

Supercharger will be invoice at the end of your trip. 

*** You can drive Only in South Florida ***

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